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Learn a little about Galganov & Associates. Watch the slide show:

Certain images on this "WallpaperOriginals" family of web sites are available on a fee-per-application basis. To learn more about purchasing a right to use selected images from our collection please visit http://photos.biz/.

WallpaperOriginals.com is the result of the realization that our visitors were using photographs found at GraphicFreebies.com as wallpapers. These beautiful photographs were simply not designed to stretch across a monitor. They would distort or they would hide in the center of the user's monitor. Knowing this we decided to prepare images for use specifically as wallpapers. We started to gather our photographs and re-sort them for a wallpaper section of GraphicFreebies.com.

Wallpapers.GraphicFreebies.com/ was launched featuring carefully selected images from our own bank of photographs to be offered as desktop wallpapers for Mac and PC in sizes 640*480 pixels, 800*600 pixels and 1024*768 pixels.

Wallpapers.AnimalSearch.Net was launched, concurrently, featuring original wallpapers unique to AnimalSearch.Net - wallpapers not to be found elsewhere. With two sites featuring wallpapers but thematically so distinct, we thought a unique, easy to remember web address was just what everyone needs. WallpaperOriginals.com seemed to fit the bill... what better a place to go to find all our original wallpapers.

Wallpapers.CambridgeWeb.Net is now open featuring a selection of Canadian photographs. This site, as with all our other endeavours, feature an original collection of Canadian imagery for your desktop.

WallpaperOriginals.com is your portal to our entire collection of original wallpapers for your desktop. If you're looking for our animal originals or one of our growing selection of stunning flower wallpapers or if you looking for relaxing ocean scenes or moving sunset/sunrise vistas come for your original wallpapers to WallpaperOriginals.com!

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